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Emmy Hernandez is an executive-level love and relationship coach, international speaker, workshop facilitator, and author. Emmy works with women and couples who are committed to co-create an epic, passionate and fulfilling romantic partnership.

Emmy started her consulting career in the Silicon Valley tech world, where she advised startups, and organizations on their marketing, branding, and product development.

During her years in Silicon Valley, Emmy collaborated with UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, working on the ground with entrepreneurs in Mexico, Tunisia, and Uruguay.  Emmy also provided communications consulting with the marketing and engineering teams at Lyft and Microsoft. 

Noticing a Need...

When Emmy was working in her consulting role with highly driven female leaders, she noticed that they would have frustrations around the dating experience, attracting their future life partners, or being satisfied with their existing relationship.  These conversations and experiences were the catalysts for Emmy to create her existing coaching business.

With over a decade of psychology and neuroscience studies, Emmy’s coaching practices, and online courses focus on:   

Healing old wounds and self-sabotaging patterns that are preventing women from being/feeling “ready” for love. 

Mastering and understand the art and science of your love frequency. 

Building a communication toolbox empowering you to turn potential petty fights into masterful conversations.

Helping Others Find Love

Emmy’s one-on-one and group sessions are offered both online and in person.  The blueprint and the business modules she teaches are all based on the real-life and replicable principles that led her to meet the love of her life, Matt, whom she married in August of 2021.

Emmy is also a prolific content creator. She is the author and host of, “Ask Emmy Anything,” a column dedicated to answering your questions about love, soulmates, romantic myths, and anything else that is holding you back from the relationship you’ve always wanted. Her Facebook page contains weekly video content on these topics as an additional resource. She is the author of “8 Steps to Attracting Soulmate Love,” and created and leads an 8-minute supplemental meditation. 

Emmy Hernandez graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Communications, and is certified in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Superconscious Recodes, and Male vs Female Brain communications.   

Fluent in both English and Spanish, Emmy speaks at conferences, organizations, businesses, and universities around the world.  

"I help career-driven women find their Soulmate even after heartbreak."

- Emmy Hernandez, Love Coach

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